Safeguard Your San Diego Warehouse With the Help of Smart Video Trailers

Warehouse theft is a big problem that can cost businesses millions each year, which is why, when it comes to warehouse security, you want to work only with the experts.

However, regular security systems can’t always keep up with a warehouse’s changing layouts and needs, which is why we at Smart Video Trailers offer a different solution designed to improve San Diego’s warehouse security.

Easy-to-Move Cameras for Top Security

Unlike regular camera systems that stay in one place, our mobile video trailers offer give you a lot of flexibility. These trailers can be moved around as needed, so you can put them right where you need them most each day.

Whether you want to watch entryways, loading areas, or high-value storage sections, our mobile trailers give you a strong security solution that can change with your warehouse.

Extra Security with Remote Guards

Not only that, but our mobile video surveillance units are connected directly to a 24/7 video monitoring team, made out of skilled security professionals that will watch your San Diego warehouse in real-time.

If something happens, our remote guards can take action right away by looking at live video feeds and calling on-site security or the police. This service saves you money on on-site guards while still giving you expert watching and a quick response.

All Your Security Working Together

Another big advantage of our mobile video surveillance is that it can work together with other security measures, like alarms and door controls. This all-in-one approach makes sure that every part of your San Diego warehouse is secure. For example, if an alarm goes off, our surveillance system can automatically focus on the area where the problem is, and our remote guards can jump into action. This kind of teamwork makes all your security measures work better and more effectively.

Here's How We Can Help Secure Your Warehouse

Your San Diego warehouse likely stores a lot of valuable items. Our mobile surveillance trailers can be placed in important spots, like entrances, exits, and high-value storage areas. These trailers can be easily moved if your warehouse layout changes or if new areas need watching.

Studies have shown that security measures people can see can help stop theft. A 2021 San Diego Police Department study found that warehouses with clear security cameras had fewer reported theft attempts compared to those without, and mobile security trailers are a clear sign that a warehouse is protected, which can disuade would-be criminals.

Don't Wait to Secure Your Warehouse

Don’t let warehouse theft slow down your business and hurt your profits. Get a free quote on your San Diego warehouse’s security needs today and experience the peace of mind that comes with Smart Video Trailers’ advanced mobile surveillance solutions.

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